Three Short Comedies by Seán O’Casey




A Pound on Demand (1939)

Bedtime Story (1951)

The End of the Beginning (1937)


‘Saint Correlliolanus, come on, and deliver us from utther desthruction!’

Druid is back on the road with three short comedies by the great Irish playwright Seán O’Casey.

Join us this winter in Kilkenny for these classic rip-roaring one-act plays.

A Pound on Demand is the tale of Jerry and Sammy who badly need a quick injection of cash to continue their night on the town.

In Bedtime Story, poor John Jo Mulligan learns the hard way that inviting members of the opposite sex to Miss Mossie’s lodging house comes with serious consequences.

All hell breaks loose in The End of the Beginning when Darry Berrill and his wife Lizzie agree to swap their household roles – and that’s before Darry’s clumsy friend Barry arrives.

These short tales of misadventure are directed by Garry Hynes and performed by Druid ensemble members Aaron Monaghan, Rory Nolan and Marty Rea with Venetia Bowe, Liam Heslin and Sarah Morris.



Venetia Bowe

Liam Heslin

Aaron Monaghan

Sarah Morris

Rory Nolan

Marty Rea




Garry Hynes


Set and Costume Design

Francis O’Connor


Lighting Design

James F. Ingalls


Sound Design

Gregory Clarke



Conor Linehan


Hair and Make-Up

Gráinne Coughlan


Associate Costume Designer

Clíodhna Hallissey

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