This production is directed by Anne Williamson and written by Brian Clancy. Grounded in real events that occurred towards the end of the War of Independence, this story explores how the loyalty and love of neighbours and friends are tested to the limits in times of extreme political violence. The play also endeavours to imagine the voice of those who were on the wrong side of history at this time and to explore the emotional reactions of those who were indirectly affected by the violence. On the hundredth anniversary of the war, the themes of love, betrayal and profound loss are all relatable to a modern audience.

The Fionn MacCumhaill Players

The Fionn MacCumhaill Players were established in 2003. Based in South Tipperary, they have completed twenty two stage productions to date and have also on occasion, delved into film making. Guided at the helm by director Anne Williamson, the players have produced a wide variety of plays over the years, ranging from Gogol’s Government Inspector to locally written plays and the works of John B. Keane. Their productions have been viewed and enjoyed in The Watergate Kilkenny, The Source in Thurles and many small venues and halls in the South East.



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