Acted to the parsimonious hilt by the human Scrooge (Michael Caine), and framed by author-narrator Charles Dickens (the Great Gonzo) addressing his rodent audience (Rizzo the Rat), the story survives. All the pen-pushing glovesters in Scrooge’s office run on fear of dismissal, a topical note, with Bob Cratchit (Kermit the Frog) negotiating but nervous. Not so his wife Miss Piggy, ready to have a go at Scrooge, but mindful of the needs of their family, a brood as mixed as you would expect from pigs and frogs, which explains the medical condition of Tiny Tim, a froglet with a cough on crutches. The three ghosts of Christmas are wonderful. Elsewhere, Fozzie Bear bears a resemblance to Francis L Sullivan in the David Lean Dickens adaptations, and there’s a shop called Micklewhite. As an actor Kermit can corrugate his forehead vertically. Good Fun.- Brian Case, Time Out Film Guide 1998


Dir: Brian Henson    



86  mins    

Cert: U

Language: English

Starring: Micheal Caine, Steven MacKIntosh, Meredith Braun, Robin Weaver, Donald Austen


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