Written and performed by Robert Gogan

Strolling Through Ulysses! is a one-man show that tells the fun-filled story of Bloomsday – June 16th 1904 – the iconic day around which James Joyce’s Ulysses is based.

Written and performed by Robert Gogan Strolling Through Ulysses! guides you through the curious events and quirky characters of Ulysses, in a humorous, entertaining and informative manner, with extracts from the novel which best illustrate the various aspects of Joyce’s writing – the comical, the descriptive and the complex – without compromising the integrity of the great book.

Joyce, speaking about Ulysses once famously declared, ‘there is not one serious line in it.’ Strolling Through Ulysses! certainly proves that!

Bawdy, irreverent and great fun!

So hold on to your hats and take a deep breath as Robert Gogan takes you on a 75 minute whistle-stop tour through the fun and laughter which is the backbone of James Joyce’s extraordinary and celebrated novel.

Robert was awarded the Best Actor award for his performance in Strolling Through Ulysses! at the Galway Fringe Festival 2019.

 Over 16’s only

Given the burnished Victorian interior of the pub, and Gogan’s pitch-perfect balancing of narrator, actor and observer, it turned out to be a wonderfully bawdy experience – and one that certainly enlivened our dinner conversation afterwards. – The Irish Independent

Gogan is an engaging and well-rehearsed raconteur. His edited selection of excerpts cut right to the heart of Ulysses ….. succeeds in making Joyce accessible even to those who have only the sketchiest context for the work – The Sunday Business Post

Dún Mhuire’s upstairs lecture hall attracted a packed crowd to a hilarious and memorable stroll through Ulysses, a one-man show by Robert Gogan, proving that lunchtime theatre has a valuable place in any literary festival programme. Press Release – Dromineer Nenagh Literary Festival 2019

 Kinsale Arts Weekend would highly recommend the unique Strolling Through Ulysses and Robert Gogan’s memorable and captivating performance is one not to be missed! Thanks for being part of the Arts Weekend and giving everyone the opportunity to see your fantastic show. We were delighted that you were part of it, it was a brilliant weekend. Laura Brannigan, Event Co-ordinator, Kinsale Arts Weekend 2019


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