Colette Forde’s ‘innit’ is an important piece of theatre that tackles, with raw honesty, the reality of young people’s battle with feeling unheard and lacking the ability to come forward and speak up about their problems.  Common fears being fear itself, not being taken seriously and feeling like a freak.  Where do they even start?

Kelly Roberts is a 15 year old schoolgirl with whom they can relate to. Kelly has never experienced anyone really engaging with her, and most importantly being heard.  Kelly is oblivious to the fact something deeper is going on and unwittingly reveals her story of bullying, neglect and negative self-image through humour and a colourful performance that does not compromise the weight of the message.  The play attempts to remove the daunting mask that has created the stigma around therapy and convey the relief of opening up.

Innit as part of Teen Speak has featured on RTE for Mental Health Day 2019 and Colette Forde herself was a ‘Local Legend’ on Cork’s Red Fm.  The production was staged in one of New York’s original Off-Broadway Theatres, The SoHo Playhouse, garnering rave reviews during her 4 week run.

Colette’s main goal is to instil the message to young people to value themselves by developing the skills to invest in their well-being for healthier and more liberating futures.

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