Heart of Winter

Lyngo Theatre will be performing their new show ‘HEART OF WINTER’ around Ireland this Winter with BBC children’s television presenter Patrick Lynch.
I’ts a heart-warming story about a little girl called Sally who lives with her father. Christmas is coming and Sally can’t sleep – it’s too hot. The weather has gone topsy-turvey. No-one can remember the last time it snowed, or even rained and her father can’t sell any of his umbrellas. Will a snowy bedtime story from Dad help? That night Sally has a dream that changes everything – a mysterious silver spark turns her bedroom into a glistening white field where she meets the glowing heart of winter. In this new musical show Lyngo warmly celebrates family, friendship and the good fortune of finding the winter we really need and want…with the precious festive offering of lots of fluffy snow!
Patrick Lynch, artistic director of Lyngo and actor in the piece says ‘It’s a lovely show full of music and laughter which is perfect for Christmas. It’s got a great snowman puppet and the audience gets to come on stage to help us bring back Winter. It’s got a really important environmental message as well, delivered with a light touch mind you!’
The Irish reviewer Liam Murphy recently wrote of our work –
‘I believed it all and felt rejuvenated….. Lyngo Theatre reawakened my sense of wonder in theatre.’
Lyngo have been bringing the best of Italian children’s theatre to the UK and Ireland for 15 years now. These shows continue the long-term relationship they have with italian artist and director Marcello Chiarenza and composer Cialdo Capelli, both well-known on the European continent for their quality work.
Marcello Chiarenza wrote directed and designed the show, giving them his very distinctive visual flair (he is also a respected visual artist with work in galleries all over Europe). He is best known for his ‘theatre-toys’ which transform and beguile, working mainly with natural materials such as wood and feathers. Carlo, who studied under Stockhausen has won numerous awards for his music.
Patrick has worked for many years with the children’s theatre company Oily Cart and can be seen on Cbeebies in Razzle Dazzle and Let’s Celebrate. For the BBC

  • Thursday 5 December
  • 11am
  • €10

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