When a young English clerk is sent abroad, at the behest of his employer, to meet a foreign Count with whom they are conducting business  – little does he know how his life, and the lives of those he loves, will forever change.

Jonathan Harker embarks on the prolonged journey east, via railway and carriage, into the depths of the Carpathian Mountains, to the then little known region of Transylvania. He is in search of a foreign Count whom his employer has purchased property for in England. He has no address, only a townland and the promise that a carriage will collect him and take him to the Count’s Castle… Castle Dracula.

At first charmed and welcomed, Jonathan soon realises that he has become a prisoner within the walls of the Castle and is managed and manipulated by Count Dracula at every turn. Only Jonathan’s ferocity of spirit leads to his eventual escape, but the things he has seen in Castle Dracula will haunt, and damage him forever.

But Dracula has a larger plan afoot and even idyllic England will not escape undamaged from the Count’s increasing want and desire. A young Lady, Lucy Westenra, is stalked and targeted by the Count, to a point to which even death cannot save her. It is only through the resilience of Jonathan’s fiancé, Mina Murray, and the drive and determination of those who knew and loved Lucy best, that retribution and peace may possibly be found.

But how do you conduct a manhunt, when the killer is not a man?

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Dracula – Brendan Corcoran

Van Helsing – Mike Kelly

Renfield – Steve Nolan

Dr. Seward – Eoin Fortune

Lucy Westenra – Rosey Hayes

Mina Murray – Maeve Tierney 

Jonathan Harker – Hugh Keenan

Quincy Morris – Niall O’ Riordan

Arthur Holmwood – Ben Lanigan 

Mrs. Westenra – Delia Lowery

Nurse – Rachel Purcell 

Vampire Sister – Patsie Cummins

  • 2-5 October
  • 8pm & 2pm on 5th
  • €15/€18

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