Dancing In The Moonlight is a one man play about the life of a young Phil Lynott growing up in Dublin in the 50’s & 60’s.

Miles Mlambo’s “hauntingly accurate portrayal”(The Wee Review, Edinburgh Fringe ’19) of Phil, has him looking back on the pre-Thin Lizzy era of his life detailing the hardships endured by his mother, Philomena, before and after his birth, being an unmarried Irish mother with a black baby during the “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish” phase of English history, which forced her
to eventually send him to Ireland to be raised by her parents so she could earn a living.

From there we see how he dealt with all the good and bad that came with being the only black kid in school (and most of Dublin for that matter), his antics at school, his discovery of music and poetry, his first bands, his first girlfriend, the Dublin art scene, as well as trips to stay with Philomena in her hotel for touring artists “The Biz” in Manchester.

Exploring themes of Racism, Parenthood, and Identity this play gives an insight into Phil’s formative years and how they shaped him to go on to form Thin Lizzy and become one of the most important figures in Irish music history.”

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