Kilkenny Greats – Live in Concert

Some of the greatest musical talents that have ever “trod the boards” throughout the land are returning to the stage on March 29th.

Community Radio Kilkenny City presents the iconic, much loved and remembered with great respect…the famed Kilkenny Greats Live in Concert.

For one night names like Colette Cullen, Ollie Kearney, Patsy O’Dwyer, Eugene Dewberry, Billy Murphy, Noel Power, Kay & Heidi, Sonny Cullen and Paddy O’Dwyer will stop the clock and transport you back in time to the halcyon days of trumpet, trombone, maracas, coronet drums and showband; when the names of these stars and many others were as familiar as Keher, Purcell, Delaney, Ollie, Henderson, and “Chunky”.

When dancehalls were packed with dancers and chancers.

When bouffant hairdos were kept aloft by clouds of hairspray.

Where the smell of perspiration was mixed with Eau dew Cologne 4711, Old Spice and Farmers delight;

Where compliments and vain promises were intrepid bedfellows, and many where alcoholic-laden bluffers endeavoured the moving abilities of Elvis, Buddy, Haley, etc. much to their personal embarrassment

Ah they were the days my friend; and what great days they were thanks in the main to the iconic talents of the performers that will be in the Watergate on March 29th

You would be kicking yourself if you miss it.



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