Breath – a music play

By Ciarán Taylor with Karl Quinn and Steve Wickham

Breath is a music play with multi-instrumentalist Steve Wickham of The Waterboys, who joins actor Karl Quinn to playfully explore our recent experiences.

We’ve all been holding our breath, but for one man, the family working and studying  at home, is building up the pressure…. along with the waiting, sanitising, news overload, work Zooms gone wrong, botched deliveries, and window visits….  He’s trying to hold it together with online yoga, home baking, and dancing in the kitchen… but one sneeze could blow it all apart..   Breath is infused with the joy of music, and the whisper of hope, as we catch our breath together.

For Breath Steve Wickham combines classical, folk and rock on fiddle, concertina, and didgeridoo -played like never before! He previously worked with director Ciarán Taylor and Carpet Theatre actor Karl Quinn on Pigeon, and Wexford Firestation Tour.

Carpet Theatre have been creating and touring at home and abroad with lively explorations of Irish life since 2004, including the hit satirical shopping comedy The Blanch, and Two for Dinner for Two a music play with live cooking. Steve has played with the greats of Irish rock, with his band No Crows; and toured the world with The Waterboys since the 1980’s.

‘ perpetual, mesmerising rhythm, …a piece that is both riveting and unnerving.’  Irish Theatre Magazine on Carpet Theatre’s  Pigeon with Steve Wickham

Supported by the Bank of Ireland Begin Together Arts Fund in partnership with Business to Arts. Development funded by the Arts Council, with support from Hawk’s Well, The Glens Centre, Axis, Ballymun, and Fringe Lab.



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