Beckett Trilogy

Conor Lovett in The Beckett Trilogy by Samuel Beckett directed and designed by Judy
Hegarty Lovett at Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. Photo: Ros Kavanagh
Beckett is one of those rare artists who change everything. Like Beethoven, Picasso
and Bob Dylan; artists with such intense skill,
vision and commitment that they can change the way we see the world.
– Conor Lovett, Gare St Lazare Ireland
The award winning Irish theatre company Gare St Lazare Ireland will present
their 3 hour marathon performance of The Beckett Trilogy at The Watergate,
Kilkenny on Thursday 28th November.
The three part evening consists of Molloy, where an elderly tramp tries to find
his even older mother, has an encounter with the police, accidentally runs over
a dog with his bicycle and ends up with a foul mouthed parrot. Malone is
bedridden and counting down his days, he attempts to tell stories, the only thing
he knows but as his attempts become more desparate he shares his fears with us
before finally hitting on a rollicking tarantinoesque story involving an asylum, a
hatchet and a boat. In The Unnamable, the tone changes to one of inquiry as to
who is behind all these stories and storytellers. In one of the most exquisite investigations
of the human mind Beckett brings us to the edge of existence.

  • Thursday 28 November
  • 8pm
  • €20/€17

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