Storytelling with Arja presented by the Watergate Online

Arja’s storytelling style is informed by her training with the Michael Chekov Technique of Acting. It has been inspired by the spontaneous and healing storyteller Nancy Mellon. The natural world is Arja’s primary inspiration source.

Her stories are of old and new and are created and told in the moment often in response to her audience. Arja, originally from Germany, is trained in the healing art of movement, Eurythmy, and in ‘Move into Life’ with Dr Sandra Reeve.

She has worked with diverse audiences across Ireland and is available to tell stories at various events. She can be reached via the Watergate or on: storytellingwitharja@gmail.com OR spontaneous.storytelling@gmail.com

Arja is a member of https://www.storytellersofireland.org/

Here Arja is being filmed by an artist from https://www.2candoarts.ie/ who does not have access to professional equipment and to whom we are extremely grateful.

#1 ‘The Dragon Mountains’

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#3 ‘The Great Forest’

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#5 ‘The Golden Fruit’

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#2 ‘The Stone of Silence’

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#4 ‘The Story of Saba’

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