Monkeyshine in residence at the Watergate Theatre, 2021

The Watergate Theatre is delighted to support Callan based Monkeyshine through a residency in 2021 as part of the development of a new piece of interactive work which will be shared online and safely in person.

Monkeyshine are artists and makers dedicated to cultivating creativity and connection. The company is on a mission to shift the paradigm towards a more conscious, kind and playful world. One where our interdependent relationship with the earth is recognised, sacred and celebrated.

During 2021, Monkeyshine artists Kareen Pennefather and James Jobson will be working with musicians Kate Powell and Nico Brown, deep nature connection specialist Maura Brennan and artist Mollie Anna King as they explore the question:   ‘What story is the earth telling you?’

What story is the Earth telling you?⁠

This is the question Monkeyshine’s wonderful Hive artists are asking this year. We are each adventuring into the wide-open world just beyond our doorstep to listen and respond to the earth.⁠

The answers are coming through music, poetry, sculpture, pictures, words, and feelings. Later this year we will come together, either in person or virtually, to merge our responses and create something magical.⁠

We would love it if you joined us on this journey. Listening to the earth is a simple thing. Sitting in the sun, or walking in the wind or the rain. Becoming aware of the sounds, sights, smells, and sensations that we all too often take for granted. ⁠

Tune in and let yourself feel a part of the interdependent world we live in.⁠ There are stories, deep memories, and treasures held in these simple moments if we just listen.⁠