Exhibition Diego Marquina & Seydel  

* Paintings Sold

Together we find Paradise – €600 or €260 each
Together we find paradise – €600 or €260 each
Together we find Paradise – €600 or €260 each
Sing Loud – €520 or €350 each
Shout Loud – €520 or €350 each
I am samo the king – €220
Gas mask – €80
Together we find paradise – €100
Sing loud, shout loud – €80
Religious Tsunami – €260
I am an asteroid – €80
Abstract composition red – €260
Abstract composition blue – €220
Abstract composition orange – €180
I am sick of white wine – €180

Artist Statement.

This artistic collaboration project can be seen in different ways, in a different light .

It is homage to 3 artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frank Zappa & Janis Joplin, who in one way or another have had an impact in the creative world and in our view and understanding of the creative process.

It can also be seen as an experimental collaboration, the mix of literature, visual arts, photography, music and sound are what we call ephemeral and spontaneous experimentation.

It can be seen as a gateway to a deeper understanding, transcending technical limitations resources, an example of will and the way art manifests itself in the search to impact and grow on an audience.

Or these views can be the excuse for a group of friends to get together and create art while having fun, growing together as artists but also as friends and as humans sharing the same time & space.

We are proud to present this exhibition at the Watergate Theatre, because as with everything else with this project, it is different, inclusive and searching to provide and be part of the experience.

What you see on these walls started as ideas and a need for expression, that turned into paper, drawings, photography, editing, sound, projection. Then re visited by Seydel and transformed into visual, colorful, strong paintings.  It is through this process in which ideas are refined and returned to again and again, they still carry out the same intention , the same will, the same search.

Thank you for visiting this exhibition, for collaborating with us in this experience, if you take with you one image, one line, one instant of esthetic pleasure, then we can consider it a great success.

Thank you.

Diego Marquina & Seydel