Cindy Cummings Associate Artist at the Watergate

About Cindy

Cindy Cummings is an independent Dance Artist based in Co. Kilkenny. Her practice manifests in a wide range of forms with several unifying themes: the vulnerable and mutable place of the body within contemporary society, play & humour as tools for creative interrogation and the integration of scientific concepts in a performative context.

Cindy is in-house choreographer at KCAT Arts Centre in Callan and also works as a free-lance choreographer for theatre. Recent productions include: ‘What I Don’t Know About Autism’ (Jody O’Neill/Peacock Theatre); ‘The Big Chapel X’ (Asylum Productions/Abbey Theatre); ‘The Water Boys’ and ‘The M House’ (Equinox Theatre Company/KCAT Arts Centre).

Since 2007, Cindy has been a member of Aosdána, the affiliation of creative artists in Ireland.

Associate Artist at the Watergate Theatre

Cindy is currently Associate Artist at the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. Throughout 2021 Cindy is focusing on continued development on the collaborative project ‘OLGA’ with Irish composer and musician Dave Boyd.

The developing work will result in a dance theatre documentary inspired by the life of Cindy’s ancestor Olga Steck who was herself an early 20th century singer, dancer and actor.

This project investigates the idea of inherited memory within the wider socio-political frame of being an independent, female performing artist: one family, two stories over a 100-year time span.

Embracing the spirit of this unprecedented time of change in the world, Cummings will embark on a new focus in her process to experiment with innovative methodologies, forms and technology that will enable her ideas to be realised.

The Cummings/Boyd collaboration began in 2020 when the Watergate Theatre supported the early development of Cindy’s work on ‘OLGA’. While the theatre was dark, Cindy and Dave worked via Zoom to create a physical and musical vocabulary for the new work and to also experiment with the potential of remote and live performance happening simultaneously in a theatre space. This short residency culminated in a work in progress showing of ‘OLGA’ in September 2020.

This project has been made possible with support from the Watergate Theatre, the Arts Council of Ireland, Kilkenny County Council and KCAT Arts Centre.


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